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“Interviews with Divorce Experts”
Audio Series

If you’re recently divorced or are currently navigating the pain and agony of divorce process, you probably have a lot of questions about how to get through it and transition successfully out of this major life change.

“Interviews with Divorce Experts” is a series of audios designed to demystify many aspects of the process and to educate our audience on the Do’s and Don’ts, and how to get through this as expeditiously and economically as possible.


Children & Family – Interview with Julie Anne Jones & David Gentzler, … 73 minutes

What you’ll learn from this audio:

  • Four practical tips to developing a post-divorce family
  • Secrets to successfully creating an ongoing co-parenting relationship
  • Getting over your past, to build a new future for the sake of your children
  • How to set effective boundaries … to co-exist, collaborate, and communicate peacefully with your ex-spouse, his/her new significant other, and your children

About the Guest Speakers

Julie Anne Jones and David Gentzler are a divorced couple who have created a co-parenting relationship over the course of the past 10 years.  They share joint custody of their boys, Sam and Eli (16 & 13), and are passionate about changing the paradigm of post-divorce when children are involved. Julie Anne is an accredited life coach, but neither she nor David approach this topic from a clinical perspective. They are simply real people who have chosen to move through divorce and work daily toward becoming successful co-parents. Their mission is to share their experience and insights, and to support others who are on the same journey.

After thirteen years of marriage, David and Julie Anne began their divorce journey by sitting down at their kitchen table with a photo of their boys and the absolute conviction to do everything in their power to keep the impact their actions had on them to a minimum. That meant rearranging their lives, compromise, and putting their own needs aside at times for the sake of their children.

Now, ten years later, they have evolved into a new family together. It includes David’s wife Valerie and her three children, Julie’s partner John and his two kids, and all of the extended family that come along with them. Through all of the changes in their personal lives, they’ve never wavered from what they created that night at their kitchen table – a space between them where Sam and Eli know they are loved and supported by them individually and as co-parents, no matter what.