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“Interviews with Divorce Experts”
Audio Series

If you’re recently divorced or are currently navigating the pain and agony of divorce process, you probably have a lot of questions about how to get through it and transition successfully out of this major life change.

“Interviews with Divorce Experts” is a series of audios designed to demystify many aspects of the process and to educate our audience on the Do’s and Don’ts, and how to get through this as expeditiously and economically as possible.


Emotional Healing – Interview with Andrea A. Serber, MSS, LCSW, QCSW, Founder – Real Life Therapy … 38 minutes

What you’ll learn from this audio:

  • How to know if you need to seek professional help for your emotional healing, versus relying on friends and family members
  • Secrets to choosing the right Psychotherapist:  Counselor, Social Worker, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist that best fits your needs and your budget
  • Surprising advice on how soon you’ll be ready to start dating … and why it’s crucial NOT to go dating too soon after your divorce
  • Important insights on how to avoid falling into the same relationship patterns that caused your marriage to crumble

About the Guest Speaker

Andrea Serber, MSS, LCSW is a Psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in the treatment of anxiety and depression disorders, children and teen issues, along with family, women’s issues and couples counseling.  She has worked with both inpatient and outpatient mental health/psychiatric populations.

Andrea is the Founder of Real LifeTherapy Services, which provides a unique educational, interactive, real-life problem solving and matter-of-fact style of therapy that allows clients to solve personal and emotional issues that are interfering with their personal growth and happiness. The desired outcome is that the client will learn about themselves, their thinking styles, and about how they contribute to the creation of their world, thus giving each person an increased sense of control over their life choices.

She has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Hahnnemann University and a Masters Degree from Bryn Mawr Graduate School.