Life After Corporate

Life After Corporate America

Experience the freedom and joy of owning your own business
AND getting paid what you’re worth!

Successful businesswomenIf you’re caught in a re-org, downsizing, or an unexpected retirement, you may be wondering what’s next:

  • Look for another job?
  • Start a new career?
  • Start your own business?

If you’d love the freedom of owning your own business, you’re not alone.  More than 1 million people start up a new business in the U.S. every year.

But the sad news is that 40% of them fail by the end of the first year.  And more than 80% of these businesses don’t make it to their 5th anniversary.  Hopes and dreams are dashed.

The truth is that being a successful entrepreneur requires a different skillset and mindset from the corporate world.  Your chance of success as an entrepreneur is much higher if you:

  • Choose a business idea that you’re passionate about AND has market potential.
  • Create a strategic plan based on reality AND possibility.
  • Develop the right mindset to prevent fears and self-limiting beliefs from getting in your way.
  • Get support from a Mentor/Teacher/Coach to use best practices and to stay on track and get results.

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It may feel scary to start your own business, but with the right support, you can do it!

Ahhh… Freedom from the hassles, bureaucracies, and politics of the corporate world.  Financial independence so you can spend more time with family and friends and all the things that YOU want to do to enjoy life!  Reinvent yourself to be a successful business owner.  Now how does THAT sound to you?

It’s time for action. Let us help you find your wings and build a business that will be both fulfilling AND profitable!

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Live a joyful life! New beginnings
for your career, your business, your life.