Transition to Biz Owner

Transition from Corporate Life
Reinvent Yourself as a Business Owner!

Have you dreamed of starting your own business … even though you might be currently in a full-time job?  Or are you currently in transition from corporate life … perhaps after a layoff?  Want to reinvent yourself to become a successful entrepreneur?  How would you like to experience the financial freedom and joy of owning a small business that fits your passions?

What would your life be like, if you could build a business around your passions?  What ARE your passions?  When asked point blank, most people don’t know. If you’re not sure, click here for a thought-provoking exercise to identify what your Top 5 Passions are.

How do you feel about taking the first step toward starting up your ideal business?  There are lots of resources to help new entrepreneurs.

But it might feel a bit scary to do it on your own.  Working with a Mentor & Certified Life Coach / Business Coach, you can achieve your big goals and dreams more quickly than if you pursued them alone.  Yes, you can do it! You’ve been successful in many aspects of your life and career.  You can learn how to overcome your own self-limiting thoughts and create the business of your dreams … a business that is both profitable AND fulfilling.

Ahhh… Freedom from the hassles, bureaucracies, and politics of the corporate world.  Financial independence so you can spend more time with family and friends and all the things that YOU want to do to enjoy life!  Reinvent yourself to be a successful business owner.  Now how does THAT sound to you?

Curious about how coaching can help you start up YOUR ideal business? Click here to learn more.