Karmic Bond Prayer

“Break the Karmic Bond” Prayer*

This is an ancient prayer that can be used to break deep emotional ties with someone you used to love.  Simply insert his/her name in the blanks below, then say the words to yourself in a relaxed, centered, meditative environment.

From the Divine source of my being, I call forth the soul of _____________

and all aspects of __________’s  soul

and all aspects of my soul

to be present in this moment and that it reflect through all time and space.

I ask you ____________ , to stand before me in Light and Love and I ask you to forgive me and I forgive you.

And I thank you for the lessons we have shared.

I now choose to sever all bonds between us except for that of unconditional love.

I bid you to go in peace and harmony.  So Be It.

Keep repeating the prayer until the emotional “zing” has dissipated.

(* from an unknown ancient source)