Reinvent Yourself!

Reinvent Yourself!

If there’s one silver lining in a divorce, it’s the opportunity to reinvent yourself and create a better future for yourself.

What does it mean to “reinvent yourself”? “Reinvent” means “to remake or make over, as in a different form”.  It also means intentionally doing something different.  Create a new future for yourself … a life that allows you to express who you really are.  A life that is aligned with your core values and your passions.

Think about your life and view it as if it was a movie. Why did you make the choices you’ve made so far? What led you to marry the person you married?  To have the friends you spend time with?  To pursue your current career path? What were the external factors that drove some of those choices? We often make major life decisions because of influences from others. Society gives us messages about what types of people we “should” be with. How soon we “should” get married and settle down.  How many children we “should” have.  What job title we “should” have. How kind of home we “should” own, and in what neighborhood.

What kind of life do YOU want?

Imagine if you had no constraints whatsoever … financially, geographically, physically. What would you do? Where would you live? What kind of people would you want to be with?

How would your life be, if you could do what YOU want?  If you could live where you always dreamed of living?  If you could follow your passions?  If you could hang out with only people whom you choose to be with?

So what’s stopping you from having that life?

Divorce is a life-altering event.  Consider the possibility of using it as a springboard to a more joyful future.  Consider that most of the obstacles getting in the way of your happiness are self-imposed limitations.

Working with a Change Agent/Mentor/Personal Coach, you can achieve your big goals and the life you want much more quickly than if you pursued them alone.  If you were successful in the business world, you can learn how to develop a successful and fulfilling personal life too!




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