WINGS Process


W.I.N.G.S. – The 5-Step Framework
to Re-ignite Your Life!


Wings for Women has a 5-step process that enables you to “find your wings” and create a life you’ll be excited about. It’s called W.I.N.G.S., and it’s the foundational framework for our coaching, mentoring, and Love Your Life! training programs:


= WholenessWhat’s missing from your life?
Assess all aspects of your well-being … physical, emotional, professional, financial, social, and spiritual. Be whole again, reclaim parts of yourself that you lost along the way. Claim a life that nourishes your heart and soul.

= Inner SelfWho are you, and who CAN you be?
Tap into your inner self … especially your passions … what’s truly important to you. Learn to love your authentic self. Identify patterns of your past relationships. Learn how to manifest your deepest desires.

= Navigate Your ObstaclesWhat’s stopping you?
Overcome fears, self-limiting beliefs, and negative self-talk that get in your way and cloud your vision. Develop strategies to overcome internal and external barriers.

= Generate Your Roadmap
What actions must you take to get there?
Gain a clear vision, generate your personal roadmap, establish clear goals and milestones. Re-calibrate your priorities. Activate your power to co-create your future. Become radiant and easily attract love and joy into your life.

= Stay on Track
How to stay focused and get results?
Develop strategies to stay positive, keep the forward momentum, maintain accountability and measure your progress, and celebrate successes. Know what resources are available to help you.

Live a joyful life … and reach new heights in your life, career and relationships!


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