What Others Say About Keiko

See what others say about Keiko Hsu, Mentor and Certified Life Coach/Business Coach:

Words cannot describe how much of an impact Keiko and her coaching services have had on my life. There were several personal and career oriented areas in my life in which I was seeking support in – to include realizing my dream of starting my own business. Having known Keiko from the Corporate arena, I couldn’t wait to sign on with her the moment I learned she had become a Professional Coach.

Keiko’s approach helped to uncover ideas and abilities within me that I didn’t even realize were there. She constantly provoked me to identify innovative ways of maintaining positive, forward momentum. Thanks to Keiko, I am happy to report that I am now a proud business owner and living life to the fullest!

K. Dickens, Chicago, IL

My vision has come true in so many ways. I love my new job! I am on- site, working directly with a major customer to help them solve technical problems. I have project management responsibility, and I get to travel and use my creativity. Most importantly, I’m much closer to my family now that I’m back on the East Coast. I can’t thank you enough for the coaching sessions. Because of you, I feel much more comfortable, confident, and happy!

Tina J., Fredericksburg, Virginia

When I started working with Keiko I felt like I was stalled and could not move forward. I was lacking clarity and direction. Keiko was instrumental in asking the right and sometimes tough questions to help me find the parts of me that I lost. I am grateful to Keiko for facilitating the transformation. I am crystal clear on what is important to me and the realization that I have it in me to make it happen! YAHOO 🙂

Marie, Hunterdon County, NJ

Keiko has been a great coach for me. She has helped me get clarity about certain goals and got me to put actions in place. She has assisted me to think differently, set more realistic goals and start acting towards them to achieve my life’s passions. The exercises that we did together were very valuable.

Keiko’s positive attitude was instrumental in my taking actions instead of getting discouraged. I really appreciate her challenging, thought provoking questions, innovative ideas and approaches to our discussions. I felt comfortable talking about any topic, knowing that there would be no judgment, just good advice and support“.

Liz von Baldas, Harleysville, PA

Thank you, Keiko, for the remarkable difference your coaching has made in my life. You have a wonderful ability to create a safe, non-judgmental environment that invites deeper introspection. You’ve helped me look beyond the ‘easy’ answer to get to my deeper wisdom. And you speak the truth, even when it’s tough to hear, in a way that’s totally supportive. You are a powerful ally…and my secret weapon!

Carol Champagne, CEO-Champagne + Associates, Santa Rosa, CA

I first met Keiko early in my career at GE and over the past 16 years, she has become a mentor, coach and friend. I have worked for Keiko and I must say, working for her, pushed me to a level professionally that helped me clearly identify my passions, strengths and opportunities. In addition, as a result of her mentoring and coaching I am more confident professionally and have also been able to effectively mentor others. Her drive, passion and professionalism have been inspirational and have enabled me to shift my thinking to dream big and achieve my goals!

Keiko, I can’t thank you enough for your sincerity, generous amount of time spent in lengthy discussions and more than anything, the times you would push back & challenge me when I needed it most!

Angela McBride, Jessup, MD

When I worked with Keiko, I was totally inspired by her positive energy and amazing example of how she has gotten where she is. She kept me focused on my goals and helped me to move forward in ways that had me surprised I could do the things I was able to do“.

A.F., South Lake Tahoe, CA

Keiko has a way of asking just the right question at just the right time. I was resisting a conversation that I REALLY needed to have and she held up the “Coaching Mirror” and I saw my limiting thoughts/behaviors for sure. She supported me in my uncomfortable feelings about the situation and celebrated the feeling of actually “delivering the 5 lb conversation”. So liberating and so freeing. THANK YOU!

Sandy, New Haven County, CT

I met Keiko while working at GE and she has been my mentor and career coach ever since. She was instrumental in helping me identify my mental “baggage” that inhibited my career growth.

Through her direct communication style, corporate experience and coaching savvy, she provided practical advice to show how I can improve my job performance and satisfaction. I learned the powerful effects of staying positive and not to spend energy thinking about bad outcomes. Thus I feel a new level of confidence. Anyone considering improvement to his/her job satisfaction or career advancement should contact Keiko.

C.Tan, Houston, TX

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