Life After Divorce

Life After Divorce or Separation

Get excited about life again, and
create a roadmap to a bright future!

Woman leaping for joy at sunset 130117 shutterstock_22075510 (2)If you’re divorced or separated from a significant relationship, you may be feeling like your life is stuck in neutral. You may find that you’re burying yourself in your work because that’s what feels most comfortable for you. But that may actually be perpetuating your feeling of emptiness. And you may have noticed a gnawing sense of dissatisfaction deep inside that you should do SOMETHING to change your life, once and for all.

You’re not alone. I’ve been there too.

Some women see divorce as the end of life as they know it. We know that divorce can be the beginning of a new and better life. If there’s one silver lining in a divorce, it’s the opportunity to reinvent yourself and create a better future for yourself. It’s time to create the joyful life that YOU deserve!

You’ve been taking care of everyone else for so long and making sure that THEY were happy. It’s time to care of YOU. Are you ready to focus on YOU, for a change?

Imagine what YOUR life would be like if you could do things that truly excite you. Things you’re passionate about. And spend time only with people you choose to be with. How would you feel if you had a life like that? Well, you really CAN have a life like that.

What’s getting in your way of having the life you want?

Welcome to Wings for Women!  Let us help you find your wings, create your personal roadmap, overcome your fears and self-limiting beliefs, and stay on track. Working with a certified Life Coach/Life-After-Divorce Mentor, you’ll be able to define and achieve your goals more quickly than if you pursued them alone.

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Live a joyful life! New beginnings
for your career, your business, your life.