Is it time for a bright new beginning
in your career, your business, your life?

Woman leaping for joy at sunset 130117 shutterstock_22075510 (2)Big transitions such as a divorce, job layoff, re-organization, or unexpected retirement can be shocking and knock you off your feet. It can shake up your world as you know it, and leave you wondering, “What’s next?”

You’re not alone. Is this the wake-up call you needed to stop tolerating your unhappy situation?

I’ve been there. My divorce and job layoff hit me like a double-whammy shock a few years ago. But now I’m happier than I ever thought was possible … I’m living my dream life!  Click here to see my story.

You too can create the best career, the best business, the best relationships, and the best life you’ve ever had by going through our 5-step WINGS process.

Which transition are YOU going through?

Businesswoman Climbing Ladder 130117 123rf 4387213_s CROPPEDLeadership Career Transition:

Find a rewarding and fulfilling
leadership job and career path
that makes your heart sing! 

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Life After Corporate America:

Experience the freedom and joy of
owning your own business AND
making a good living! 

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Laughing mature Asian woman

Life After Divorce or Separation:

Get excited about life again,
and create a roadmap to
the bright future you deserve!

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Wings for Women® was founded by Keiko Hsu, who was inspired by her own transformation after her 26-year marriage AND her 20+ year corporate career crumbled during the same year … a painful double whammy that became an emotional roller coaster. She decided to make the leap and to use her divorce as a catalyst to start a whole new chapter of her life.

Since then, Keiko has transformed her life into one filled with passion, possibilities, and joy, and she is committed to helping other women to reinvent themselves after a major life transition. She created the 5-step WINGS process to enable women to find their wings, reach new heights in their career, their business, and relationships, and to live a joyful life.

To Your Happiness!

Wings for Women®
San Francisco, CA


Live a joyful life!
New beginnings for your career,
your business, your life