Can Apologies Save a Marriage?

Can Apologies Save a Marriage
Torn Apart by Infidelity?

Reflections About Tiger Woods’ Public Apology.

Tiger Woods’ public statement. Another public apology by a formerly well-respected man

who destroyed his marriage, hurt his loved ones, and ruined his stellar career and personal brand through his reckless and stupid behaviors. How many times have we seen this movie? John Edwards. Bill Clinton. Eliot Spitzer. Mark Sanford. Countless more. These are influential men who used to be role models for children! Do they ever learn from others’ mistakes??

Tiger’s apology seemed genuine enough. He appeared to be truly sorry and remorseful, not only for his selfish behavior, but also for the pain, humiliation, and anguish he foisted on his loved ones. He admitted that he had convinced himself that normal rules don’t apply to him and that he was entitled to enjoy all the pleasures that his stardom brought to him. And now, he has committed to live a life of integrity and get reconnected to his inner Buddhist.

So what about the man in YOUR life who strayed, got caught, and then apologized? Should you forgive him? Maybe so. But forgive him for your own sake, not for his. Forgiving doesn’t mean you condone his behavior. Forgiving him helps you reach a state of acceptance for what happened, so that YOU can move on. And if you had already tried to rebuild the relationship … I mean really really tried … and if it still didn’t work out, then it’s time to move on with your life. Maybe you’ve both grown apart and he isn’t the right partner for you anymore. YOU DESERVE BETTER. You have plenty more years to live, and lots of new and more fulfilling relationships you can develop.

I can personally attest to the joys that “life after divorce” can bring to you. I’m living it in my own life, one year after finalizing a divorce from my 26-year marriage. Click here to see a video of my transition after divorce. I’m so much happier now, and more at peace with myself than I’ve been in years! The key is to learn lessons from the past without dwelling on the past. Look forward, focus on the present and future, and know that you too can live a joyful life, if you choose to do so. It’s YOUR choice. Yes, really.

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