The Power of Positive Thinking

Using the Power of Positive Thinking to Transform Your Life After Divorce

The power of positive thinking has changed my life since my separation and divorce a few years ago. It has enabled

me to reinvent myself and create my ideal life after divorce. It can help you transform your life too!

The first time I really understood the power of positive thinking was after I read the book and saw the video “The Secret” a few years ago. I learned how to attract what I want into my life by clearly visualizing what I want, and thinking positively as if it were already mine. It sounded too simple to be true, so I tested out the concept in small ways by wishing for a good parking spot or for a green traffic light. And it worked!

After some small wins, I got even more intrigued about the “Law of Attraction,” the concept that energy attracts like energy, and that if you clearly focus positively on what you want, you will attract it into your life. Most people do the opposite. They focus on what they DON’T want, and they usually get just that.

I gained more confidence to try using the power of positive thinking to attract bigger things. And it worked, not just once, but many times! I got a divorce settlement that was better than I originally thought I would get. I identified my Top 5 Passions and am now living them. I received money from unexpected sources. I found a beautiful condo in San Francisco with the panoramic bay view I had been dreaming about. And the miracles keep coming!

My left-brained self asks “How can this possibly be??” How can the Law of Attraction really work? I found some fascinating scientific evidence in Lynne McTaggart’s book “The Field.” This book explains that we are made of energy waves, and human perception occurs due to energy interactions between subatomic particles of our brains and the quantum energy field around us.

What’s the bottom line? Our reality is created by each of us based on what we focus our attention on. If we focus on negative things, we create a negative chain of events. If we focus on positive outcomes, we create a positive reality. The degree of influence depends on your INTENSITY OF FOCUS (most cohesive brain wave pattern), and how much you want the desired outcome. It works better if you really believe it will happen. Gentle wishing (relaxed and playful) works best. The key is to have a clear vision of what you want, and do not allow any doubts or fears to get into the picture.

The power of positive thinking. Easier said than done? That’s where you may want to work with a professional coach to help you get the clarity and courage to create the life you want for yourself, especially if you want to create an ideal life after divorce. You deserve nothing less!


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